Opening 9 september, 16  – 19

Folding Screens by Ylva CarlgrenMartin KozlowskiInez Jönsson and Juri Markkula and Karl Patric Näsman in collaboration with Koto Kataoka

10 september – 18 september
SKF/Konstnärshuset – Smålandsgatan 7, 111 46, Stockholm

The group show Unfolding image will present the result of a project where Japanese folding screen master Koto Kataoka has collaborated with five invited artists residing in Sweden. Kataoka has created five unique folding screens in dialogue with each of the participating artists.

The folding screens have developed in a flow of ideas, conversations and reinterpretations between Kataoka and the invited artists during the course of the project. Kataoka has built the very foundation for each screen in his Tokyo studio. The screens have then been transported to Stockholm to be assembled and completed on site at Konstnärshuset.

The artists participating in the project have been carefully selected based on the character of their respective practices and the potentiality for an interesting meeting with the form and tradition of the Japanese folding screen.

The work of both Inez Jönsson and Ylva Carlgren strongly relate to a sense of craftsmanship, in their choice of material and in their repetitive, time-consuming and meticulous methods. Similarly, there is a relation between the work of Juri Markkula and Martin Kozlowski. The digital aesthetic and industrial manufacturing process of Markkula meets Kozlowski’s analogue paintings, informed by a layering technique that finds inspiration in digital image editing.

With deep respect and consideration for this Japanese craft tradition, the presented works aim to explore the folding screen in a contemporary Swedish context.

Karl Patric Näsman initiated this project after meeting with Koto Kataoka during a residency stay in Japan in February 2020

Unfolding Image has been made possible through the support of :
IASPIS, Region Stockholm, Japanstiftelsen and Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa. Special thanks to Asahi Super Dry

Unfolding Image vernissagetext (svenska)

Unfolding Image opening text (english)