From the press release at Nau Gallery, Stockholm:

NAU Gallery is proud to present Karl Patric Näsman’s first solo exhibition, ”Tangible Dreams”.

”In past history, the imitation was seen as a highly valued craftsmanship and fulfilled the desire and status of decorating your walls or stairways as if you lived in a “Venetian Palazzo” or some kind. But now other materials and techniques have ousted the use of the imitation and it has later been considered to be of “bad taste” and of “low value”.
… Can painting with all its history and aura around it be dissected into something easy enough for most people to learn and share?” (KPN, 2014).

Karl Patric Näsman (f.1986) studies his last year of Master Degree in Fine Art at Konstfack University College of Art, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. In recent years he has been incorporating the practice of imitating craftships and materials into a form of art making. In the exhibition ”Tangible Dreams” he presents a series of paintings that are fluent, light and elastic but at the same time have a solid and shiny surface. Beside the paintings the exhibition also includes reliefs that are late copies derived from the Parthenon friezes which have been used in the academic world as a quality mark for great art and classical values.

In the exhibition Karl Patric Näsman questions what representation can be and how we value art works of painted matter, pointing out the originality aspect and the myth surrounding painting as a medium as well as the mythical aspects of images.

Text by Suvi Lehtinen, curator based in Berlin, Germany:

Suvi Lehtinen, Tangible Dreams