Dragon Gate

 Älvkarleby, Sweden, 30 April 2019

During the Music & Arts event ‘Grisfesten on the grounds of the mythical ’Dragon Gate’ near Dalälven, a group show was held together with invited Swedish artists.
Dragon Gate was initially built in 2008 by the Chinese billionaire ‘Mr. Li’ who wanted to establish something great to honor Chinese culture and establish his legacy in his newfound country of Sweden.
But due to a series of controversies and difficulties with the Swedish bureaucracy the Dragon Gate was closed and left to decay until recently when Dragon Grate reopened for business in 2019.
The organizers behind the Stockholm-based ‘Technobastun’ hosted a unique event with Swedish and international music acts like Kornel Kovacs, Turtle Bugg, Art Alfie and others. The group show included the artists Alexandra Karpilovski, Duda Bebek, Cecilia Klementsson, Hilde Retzlaff, Militza Monteverde, Karl Patric Näsman and Tomas Sjögren

My contribution for the group show consisted of five relief sculptures, titled ’Metamorphosis’ that interacted together with the copies of terracotta warriors in the (so-called) Museum.
Considering that the reliefs in themselves are copies of copies of the ancient Parthenon friezes, and some produced with 3D technology in China; the contradictory mishmash of the past and present, Real/Fake, ’East and West’ blurred all together into an uncanny stage of ’Metamorphose’.